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Made to Order Wheelchair Seating

Effective pressure re-distribution whilst always respecting the anatomic dimensions of each patient – that’s the JAY philosophy.

Made to order wheelchair seating and positioning products that perfectly combine stability, postural support and pressure management, whilst always remaining easy to use.

JAY SureFit

JAY SureFit Made-to-Order Seating

JAY SureFit is a simplified offering of made-to-order wheelchair seating solutions.


JAY Fit Made-to-Order Seating

The JAY Fit™ System was developed to accommodate a child's growth as well as their changing functional seating needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryo Fluid is a proactive temperature regulating technology that provides an effective solution for reducing heat and moisture.

JAY Fluid with Cryo technology contains so called ‘Phase Change Materials’. Millions of paraffin wax microbeads that change from solid to liquid in response to increased heat. Graphite filaments in the JAY Cryo Fluid actively draws heat from the buttocks to surrounding microbeads within the entire pad.

Cryo Fluid ‘resets’ back to original state when off-loaded i.e. person transfers off cushion. This mechanism is comparable to an ice cube in drink: the ice cube takes the heat from the drink and thereby cooles the drink. But the JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology has one big advantage: it can ‘reset’ an indefinite number of times.

The Cryo Fluid reduces the skin temperature by max 5°C.

After 8 hours of continued use, the JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology pad requires a recharge period of 12 hours at room temperature (75° F / 24° C) to reach peak performance. Recharge time is dependent on ambient temperature and may be accelerated with a lower temperature. Sustained temperatures above 82° F / 28° C will not recharge the pad.

If the fluid pad remains in use after 8 hours or the pad remains in a sustained ambient temperature above 82° F / 28° C during recharge, the JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology provides the same pressure distributing and skin protection benefit of the standard JAY Fluid without the active cooling benefit.

The material has been tested over many thousands of cycles and we can ensure that it will function throughout the entire life cycle of the JAY Balance cushion.

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Selecting the number of layers and types of foam, the cover fabric material, a client's custom wheelchair seat or back may seem daunting. In an effort to demystify the process, let’s peel back the layers of custom seating by taking a closer look at some of the options.

Sunrise Medical offers many different types of foam that can be utilised to create a contoured wheelchair seating solution. Why are there so many options? The short answer is: no single client presents with the exact same needs. Offering various densities of foam allows for a greater level of customisation. For example, a client who has a history of skin breakdown may benefit from a layer or two on the top of the extra-soft or soft foam to allow him/her to immerse into the cushion.

The client’s size and weight should also be considered when deciding the type of foam to include in a custom seat. A medium-soft, medium, or medium-firm foam will provide more support for a greater range of weight without bottoming out.